Sunday, 21 February 2010

The use of a blog

I have found writing a blog a lot easier this year. Last year I was embarrassed to show my thought processes and ideas. I have now realised its actually a great help it lets you explain yourself, also you can keep an online recored or your inspiration etc I find it hard to keep up to date with my blog when I have a lot going on at university but I do eventually get my self up to date when I get a spare minute. I find blogging really refreshing. Whilst blogging I have often realised mistakes I have made etc which has helped me correct them before its too late. Not only do I use my blog for inspiration and PPRD but it helps me remember what I need to do next, plan my life so to speak but I do also keep a diary so my thoughts and to-do's are spread out throughout both. I find it useful looking at other designers blogs to see what is going on in the working world and what inspires them. For my Professional Project, I plan to start a new blog that is purely for that only, Im going to keep a record of my research and development

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