Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Anna Steinberg

Anna Steinberg came in to talk to us about freelance illustrator, although my aim is not tobecome an illustrator I dound her talk very interesting, Key points I picked up:

What to ask when first given a job:
- client contact details
- deadline
- subject, theme, what they will use it for
- ask where they've seen your work to establish the promotional techniques that are working.

Acceptance of commission form:
- create a template
- one for every job, keep for your records
- send the form to client with terms and conditions

The fee is a difficult aspect of being a freelance designer. Negotiating a figure can be awkward but Anna assured us that we would get used to it.

There are many distractions, there is no boss watching you work, when juggling projects and looking for work you have to be self-motivated.


Here's a link to Anna's site. The painted illustrations are quaint, I like her style of illustration.

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