Thursday, 3 December 2009

The 'Prudence' project NHS

A live Brief (logo for the director of nursing awards) NHS


I was asked to come up with a logo for the director of nursing awards at basingstoke hospital, For PPRD I will hand in a paper based file of all the emails that have been sent and received throughout the process of designing this logo. I was working with my mum and a team of staff from the management and events teams at Basingstoke hospital on this logo, so agreeing on the final designs was a long process. Firstly I sent them a few rough designs I came up with to get the process started, I have found from previous experience that when working with a team of people with no design background its easier to give them more options to start with as they tend to have no idea what they want to begin with, they then can sort of see which way they want to go with the design, Usually by knowing what they dont want.
We decided on these two designs, with variations on colours etc, also they asked me to but dots between the letters as the logo looks to much like a name>> the director of this events name is Donna. and on the other, shrink the o, which I did. They ended up deciding on this one, and realising after asking around that it didn't look like a name.

Now I just need to perfect the logo and send it to them at res 300 in jpg format. Overall they are pretty happy with this logo.