Sunday, 21 February 2010

Friends of Forest Holme

So this is going back a bit to last year. Ben, Gemma and I, together worked on designing a logo for "Friends of Forest Holme" this was a very successful live brief and has led to other work for us including business cards and newsletters and potentially a website at some point.


We where asked to design a logo for "Friends of Forest Holme" which is a charity, this project got underway pretty quickly, but the time is first came about was summer holidays and everyone being if different places at different times made this project a long process, we managed to meet up and get most of the design done at uni and come up with a pretty strong logo, after a few emails back and forth with Debra we changed a few things including adding a tree, adding the "Friends of" into the logo as we where unsure whether we could take it out also Debra wanted the colour changed to this red/pink. Debra was one of the good clients, pretty much straight away she new what she wanted even though she had to run it past a few other people first we had no real problems and are very pleased with the final out come. Working with Debra Dennet on this logo was an honour. It was a really enjoyable and rewarding project and I feel that I have learnt a great deal from the experience.
Forest Holme have just unveiled there new logo and we where on the front page of there newsletter, slightly embarrassing but it shows are hard work payed off.

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