Sunday, 21 February 2010


For my Professional Project I would like to research and document the process of higher education from the viewpoint of a student. Using info graphics, I will explore and map the experiences and troubles students go through at their time at university. Universities and student services will be where the campaign will be mostly used. My target audience is students between the ages of 17- 30. A lot of the time will be spent finding different research methods and collecting information from students by arranging meetings with them over the cause of my allocated research time. I will interview students from the AUCB and other universities, also student councilors and tutors, people whom these issues also affect. How I decide on my next step will be based on the information I gather from doing my research. The methods of research I have used so far are the Internet, books and surveys (sent via Facebook, Twitter and the University email). I myself find there are a lot of obstacles to over come as a student, from juggling university work to depression/anxiety. These are problems that affect me personally and I have recently found out it is an issue that also affects almost all students, getting in the way of them being able to work to the best of their abilities. I feel that setting myself this project will improve my studies, and hopefully also help other students facing the same problems as me in the process.

My proposed vehicle for assessment is to design info graphically, a campaign that will be placed in areas such as universities around the country, towns with students, doctors surgeries etc. I will design and create a map, this map will potentially show the students that are stepping up from college to university and current students how to overcome the problems they encounter during there time at university, whatever their problems maybe. Juggling work and university work, depression, anxiety, shyness, hangovers/drugs and many more tend to be a common problem that near enough every student at some point in time will encounter. This can affect either their grades or their social life at university making them unable to live their lives to their full potential and achieve their goals. My aim is to give students a map of how to overcome and deal with these issues they may face or be facing. Choosing this topic and final outcome will help me kick-start my career in the direction I wish it to go. My dream job would be to work for a company such as "Saatchi and Saatchi", possibly the best global advertising agency in the world. I am really interested in the campaigns they have come up with, especially "The Basics for Life" campaign they designed for People in Need. This ad campaign is attention grabbing and highly effective and was the reason for me wanting to pursue a career in this field of advertising. - survey for my research

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