Monday, 2 November 2009

New from Old

The next project, which surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed. We had to re-brand and design packaging from one of the following:
*Mushy Pea's
*Rice Pudding
*Tinned Pie's
*Lunchen Meat
*Tinned/Canned Vegtables

After alot of Market research and idea processing I came up with a few design's this one is my final piece.

Once I've photographed these labels onto my tin's I shall upload them to show how they will look on the shelves.

Basically the idea behind this is to re-brand and re-market tinned vegetables to the wealthier demographic, to do this I decided on adding a slight sex appeal to what would usually be a pretty bland product which mainly only the older generation generally  buy, due to the fact "tinned vegtables" have a long shelf life.

I decided to position my product in high end supermarkets such as Waitrose and M&S as this is where my target consumer would be more likely to shop...

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