Friday, 20 November 2009

Finally conquered time management

So after handing in "Visual communication in context 2" today with no last minute rushing what so ever and with all projects to a decent standard Im preety happy how each of my final pieces turned out apart from "thank you" as me and the printer may of had a small disagreement on that one :( , Im thinking I may of just nailed the whole time management thing (at last). fingers crossed anyway. After this unit, Im feeling more and more inspired to crack on and do some more live and competition briefs...


Looking back on this project (New "from"Old), I have realised my attention to detail was lacking. I have since re taken the photographs and changed a few bits on the final designs, so they are ready for my portfolio for example the back of my labels are not alined with each, minor details like this are actually major details when it comes to going for an interview, and showing someone your portfolio. It is a matter of whether you will get the job or not.


Reflecting on my Business Identity project, I have found some of the typography needs work in order to be ready to print for my portfolio.
This was a hard project for me as I couldn't quite come to terms with the fact I was designing business stationary for a dead person and not myself. I can now understand the reasons behind this, as if it where for a client I would have been dealing with the same problems. I needed to make this bold and attention grabbing and I think I achieved this after many designs.


I really like the out come of this. This project was called "Thank you" we had to say thank you to someone of our choice, I chose Josephine Cochron the inventor of the dishwasher. I had many final designs for the outcome of this project but after speaking to sally she told me the others where un necessary. I think I really achieved the antique look for this photograph seen as it was taken in our sink, this photograph shows how much more work we would of had to do with all the washing up, if it wasn't for her wise invention.


I really had fun with "Communicating Ideas" this project enabled me to really push the boat out with my ideas, this project was more about the idea itself than the design. I planned to create a social experiment to test how the average person gets affected by sound. I was really happy with the outcome, and the process was fun aswell, I learnt alot from this project and in the future I would like to set myself a project which expands on this.

We now have until next thurs, which is when we get our new briefs to crack on with those. Also for our fundraising as a year group we have arranged an event to raise money for our final year show, Coffee Republic have said they will exhibit a selection of prints through-out December to help promote our fundraising event which is being held at postcards. They have a PR company who are going to run a story on us and try and get the event promoted in as much local media as possible. Also Coffee republic mentioned that they have been chosen as the venue for Bournemouth's annual local business meeting (which is happening in December). This means massive exposure for those who have work up at this time. They seem really keen to help push our work, get it seen and get it sold.

The Brief:

"Design a unique illustration based around the theme "animals".

Illustrations can be submitted as either a one off hand rendered piece, a screen print or a letterpress.

All work must be A2 in size and finished to the highest possible standards as it will be going up for sale into the public domain.

All prints will be framed on submission at a cost covered by the course."

which also needs to be done by friday so... no rest for the wicked ha! I started looking into what illustrators have done on the subject matter before and i've found some real good stuff:

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