Friday, 6 November 2009

After Fireworks, Sparklers, Marshmallow's, Toffee Apples, Cider and Brainstorming...

So after a very much uninspired yesterday with a few forced ideas and some panicking, today has been good! I was just taking my morning stroll to Costa and that was where the magic happened, hello creative genius you rescued me :) 

Basically I picked Julian Treasure and his talk on the 4 ways sound effects us... 
My plan is to create a social experiment to test how the average person gets affected by sound. Basically Im going to have a set of four blank boards whether they are white boards, chalk boards, wooden boards, (are things I still have to consider) each will have a set of headphones and will be placed in a busy environment (Im thinking Southbank) The headphones will each be playing different sounds (music or noise) but each will have a specific "mood" 1, Happy (something along the lines on Stevie Wonder: Master Blaster/or Dont you worry bout a thing?) 2, Sad, (Ive looked into a few film soundtracks pearl harbor being one) 3, Calm (was thinking something along the lines of Amiina: Seoul) 4, Uneasy/Angry (M83 Car chase terror or even just an alarm of some kind) Attached to each board will be some kind of drawing equipment which will be determined by the style of board I decide to go with, the idea being that it will make people stop and interact. On the board somewhere there will be the words "express yourselves here" if my theory works, each individuals drawing should be effected by the sound they are hearing.

Even after this afternoons tutorials Im still feeling pretty inspired (even more so in-fact) the feedback from Justin and the guys was good, I was told to listen to John Barry, John Williams, and the soundtrack to the film "Apocalypse Now", also maybe look into doing a "Smart board" type thing/ I should look into something along the lines of the Etch a Sketch too. But other than that I was told to crack on and "just do it" in the words of Nike :) 

Its now 07.25 pm and Im shattered........ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

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