Thursday, 14 January 2010

kelly's cleaners

So I have been asked to design an identity for a cleaning company in Basingstoke which basically consists of a logo, letter head, Business cards and a flyer.

These are what I have been given to work from. I thought maybe I could use it for another live brief.

I have not yet started as I only got the E-mail last night and I have been working on re-designing my website because tomorrow is crit day and the hard drive fairies have come and stolen mine! In which contained all of my work to date...Im sure as soon as I've done another night with no sleep working on getting my website ready for tomorrow they will give it back to me as this seems to be the way it goes for everything in my life at the minute. Im blaming my lack of togetherness on my super busy Xmas/New year working all the hours god gave us. But I do no UNI should come first.

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