Monday, 18 January 2010

Screen Based 2 (My website) and link to the "Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist" PERIOD.


So I have finished my website and I am very disappointed with the outcome, I did over 10 potential designs and I would say at least five of them where better than the one i used for my final. I found this project very hard to get motivated as Im not at all interested in becoming a web designer in fact I find it very tedious and limiting. It comes natural to some people, and I am not one of them. But I can honestly say im glad its over and one good thing came of it, I have a working online portfolio of my work. It was interesting to learn how things work and I will be improving my skills in dreamweaver in my own time to get a better website up and running before I head into the working world, and learning these skills have help me do so.

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