Monday, 5 October 2009

Summer time and the weather is fine...

What a great summer I had.... Started it off by a trip to see the 2nd years New Blood show for young designers up in Earls Court, Kensington which was great and it really inspired me to work a lot harder this year. We also found a nice little Art shop which sells things as cheap as chips so that was a bonus.

I worked a little, managed to get a little more work experience which was good due to the fact I couldn't get any last term and ended up having to do a live brief instead (which I must say turned out pretty dam spiffing considering) most thanks goes to Master Benjamin Hutley himself on that one, I also managed to get some work from the NHS, mainly photography but also they asked me to design them a logo for "The Director Of Nursing Awards" in Basingstoke hospital which will be held in January of next year! Odds and sods such as posters for mates who work in bars, experience is experience at the end of the day and it kept me in focus as I didn't have a full time job, so yes money was an issue :(
I did go on a lovely free trip to Malta with the family, lovely place no sand but the fat rocks i liked lots, and it was good to spend abit of time with them as I havn't been away with them in donkeys years. Bestival was also another cheeky highlight of my summer...  discovered The Correspondents who are a swing-hop duo who where made famous by remixing "The Jungle Book" was awesome!

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