Friday, 15 October 2010

"Significance of Numbers"

So today was our first an final crit for our "significance of numbers" brief. For this brief we where asked to design an A2 poster on the significance of numbers, Its a really open brief, which I really enjoyed the broadness of. The brief helped me get back into thinking mode after the long summer holiday.

After a lot of brainstorming and throwing round ideas, I had the realisation of the fact our identities (visually and personally) are based up of thousands of numbers ie, height, weight, shoe size etc, or bank account details, passwords, serial codes etc. Which are all unique to us.

For this I decided to create a typographic piece of work using all the numbers I had found out, the numbers I used where all my personal numbers from my age to my passport number, finding out these numbers took up a lot of my time as this was only a week long project, but i got there in the end...

Baring in mind, typographically this still needs work I think the poster explains its self well enough to not need an explanation. on the poster its self.

This image using crop marks is to show the placement and where i have used the white space.

As the way I chose to answer this brief was to do with uniqueness and identity i decided to place the thumb print in the most random place possible on the page for an effective composition. If you where to measure from each side of the print to the edge of the paper no horizontal or vertical line length would be the same.

"Variety in spacing, just as in life, adds spice. Visual variety allows the eye to play. Play encourages exploration. Exploration draws the viewer in."- Jim Krause

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