Saturday, 1 May 2010

an insight to the jist of my book...

For my Professional project "Buffaloes and Brain cells"

I decided to design, photograph and write the equivalent of a self help book for students. To create something that would be read and kept by students, I needed to create something dynamic without seeming pretentious, I included humor to make sure it was something students would read. The reasoning for this book occurred to me after having a series of anxiety attacks at the beginning of university. My current housemate has a real problem with anxiety as well, which can stop her from attending her job and family gatherings that are situated outside of Bournemouth town. Since researching into this a lot more I found a lot more problems students go through that end with students quitting university. Unlike most self help books, every page of this book was written by a student. This book will not save your life. It won’t get you a seventy on your dissertation and it certainly won’t guarantee you that hot piece of ass over the road. What it will do, is make you look at your day as something to savour. Read it and you will realise that the annoying pulsating pain in your neck is not going to be the death of you after all. In an ideal world this book would be found in the welcome pack students receive before stepping up from college to university. My target audience is students ranging from the ages of 18-30. My aim is to help students when they are feeling down, homesick and generally just have too much to handle.

Everyone should read information is beautiful! stole these pics of my friends blog saves me scanning in a few pages:

check it out she's awesome!

used this as research for colour and trends in design...

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